Dr. Takura Tela

Dr Tela is dedicated to winning the battle of health and wellness. That is his mission and a mantra he strive to live up to every day. Dr Tela believes that everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle and the ability to achieve it, his job is to help you get the results you want. Whether it is through weight loss, spinal health, or improving your nutritional intake, he is here to help you achieve your goals!


Dr. Tela's practice is built on the foundation of Chiropractic care which focuses on the spine, joints, and other parts of the body and their connections to the nervous system. The word “chiropractic” means “to be done by hand.” Dr Tela  uses adjustments to restore joint function and support the nervous system. Dr Tela help patients achieve and maintain optimal health while avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgery.


Enjoying a long and healthy life is important. Dr Tela can unlock your body’s true potential and natural healing process by working with you as a team. Enjoy a safe, natural approach to health care when you turn to Dr Tela because together, we can WIN!!!!

Whether you are an athlete or an average person, as we age there are certain health and fitness concerns that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, limited mobility, range of motion, and excessive pain due to an injury are risks that anyone can encounter, that is why Dr Tela offer a number of services to address your specific need. Dr Tela can help you to achieve the optimum quality of life through our safe, focused and effective fitness and heaDr Tela understands that people have different fitness and health goals; therefore, he provides personal and tailored training for every person or goals. Dr Tela will discuss your goals, and design a program to complement your needs. Dr Tela also provide consulting for individuals/teams to enhance your human performance and physical preparedness.lth programs.

Dr Tela’s schedule is  tailored in such a way to help suit your needs. Dr Tela provide services on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed basis. Dr Tela also offer a variety of packages to meet your scheduling needs.

Dr Tela specializes in gentle spinal adjustments. He utilizes private resting areas after an adjustment is made to provide greater spinal stability and to post-check the spine to ensure optimal correction. 

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