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When beginning a new running routine there are some basic steps you should follow.

Check some of what we do and my own personal tips.

1. Get a checkup with your primary doctor or chiropractor  

  • You want to make sure your body is ready for this exercise. Get your blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI checked before starting any rigorous exercise.

  • Make sure your nutrition is up to par

  • Take a good look in the mirror, if you look anything like the skeletal pictured here, then you will definitely need some help prior to your run

2. Purchase the proper equipment

  • neutral/stability/minimalist sneakers

  • clothing that allows for proper airflow

  • water bottles

  • foam roller (this is every runners best friend)

  • timed watch or GPS

  • Road ID (for emergencies)

3. Set yourself a goal 5k/10k/10mile/marathon/ultra marathon.

Keep up with these few proactive measures to avoid the soft tissue injuries caused by repetitive motion.
1. Ice your muscle/ligament when you feel pain as soon as possible
2. Keep your posture, running/jogging form and seated posture in check at all times
3. Keep your bike fit up to date and accurate
4. Always always stretch right after your work out!!! Make your work out shorter if you have to in order to fit in a stretch.
5. Consider orthotics that are COMFORTABLE and fit your running/walking shoes.




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