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Most likely your insurance company is using it to complete your injury claim.

We can help you answer all these questions and more regarding your motor vehicle accident. Don't leave yourself at risk with your health or the insurance companies.

Many of the chronic pain sufferers and persons disabled by whiplash injury might be spared that fate by a more effective and broad scope approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Rather than the common passive role, patients are encouraged to take an active part in their rehabilitation, as we attempt to provide you with every means practical to make a quick and complete recovery.

    Good Ergonomic Driving

Head restraints have been used in fighter aircraft for more than 70 years because of the G forces placed on a pilot's body.

They are the single most important protection you have against whiplash.

Every year there are about 3 million whiplash injuries in the U.S.

Research now shows that there are other downstream effects of these injuries: allergy, breathing disorders, low back pain, hypertension, cardiac and digestive disorders.

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The Spine Research Institute of San Diego is a private research organization founded in 1984 by Arthur C. Croft, DC, MS, MPH. Since that time the institute has been actively engaged in the synthesis and dissemination of information relating to a wide range of injuries and conditions arising out of motor vehicle trauma, with a special focus on the most common forms of clinical conditions which impose the greatest public health burden today-a burden shared by private citizens, their health care providers, private insurers, automobile manufacturers, and state and local government.

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