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The first visit will be a bit paperwork intensive -- payment information, privacy issues and office policies as well as some patient questions about your pain and health history, but it will quickly lead to your thorough examination with the doctor which will lead to your diagnosis which establishes a baseline for your treatment care plan and outcome expectations.



To help save time on your visit, you can fill out your medical history online or print the initial new patient forms below. 


Please bring comfortable clothes like shorts and T-shirt so a proper exam can be performed.


Please be prompt to your initial appointment.  Your first visit will take  generally 45 minutes with the doctors alone not including your time spent doing the physiotherapy. Plan to spend an hour to hour and half.




What to expect after the initial treatment?


After your initial treatment you may be sore. The body is being moved and scar tissue is being broken up which can lead to the soreness. In general, a “post-workout” sensation is experienced in approximately 50% of our patients. Drink plenty of water and apply ice to the area - 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off for approximately 1-2 hours and you should only experience minor discomfort if any.




How long before I feel better?


The body heals at its own rate. If two people were to cut themselves at the same time, they would not heal at the exact same time. The same applies with chiropractic and A.R.T. A general rule of thumb is that within 3-6 treatments you should notice at least 30% improvement. Some people respond faster and some respond slower. To speed the rate of healing, it is imperative that you stick with your treatment schedule. At least one massage is suggested during your first week of care. Nutritional supplementation can be discussed with the doctor.




Why is maintenance care important?


Maintenance care involves having your spine and muscles checked every 2-4 weeks. Only 10% of pain is perceived by the brain – that means that we don’t even realize when we are in pain! Life is a sport and everyday occurences can lead to scar tissue build up. Having your musculoskeletal system checked regularly helps maintain optimal health.



If you have health insurance coverage, you want to get the most benefit of your policy. We understand. Please check your policy terms to see if chiropractic care is included. If it is part of your insurance benefit, Pow-Her Chiropractic care may be covered. Know that your insurance benefit is limited by the policy terms. Your policy may allow only 12 visits to the chiropractic office, for example. Or it may only pay chiropractic spinal manipulation and not adjunctive services. Please check your policy. If you need help, our staff will help you understand and/or contact your insurance carrier.

If you don't see your insurance listed please feel free to contact the office as the list is updated weekly.

Blue Cross



United Health Care


John's Hopkins

Premera Blue Cross - Discount 

Golden Rule, Inc.

Principal Life Insurance Co 

Cigna-Out of Network

Great-West Healthcare


Health Allies - Discount

Signature Wellness Plan - Discount 

AdventistHealth Systems


Kaiser-Mid Atlantic

Universal SmartComp 

Optum Health


Cash plans 

Align Networks, Inc.

Medical Resource, LLC - Discount  

Cypress Care   


You may also nominate us for inclusion into your insurance plan, just ask how.

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