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Why Saatva

We cut out the middlemen so you get the highest quality at the best possible value. To get the same quality elsewhere, you'd have to pay way more.


Made to order, never stuffed in a box

Every Saatva mattress is handcrafted when you order it. Unlike other internet mattresses, we'd never dream of compressing our premium beds into a small box. Instead, we deliver it factory-fresh to your room for free.

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From responsibly sourced materials to our domestic manufacturing & delivery process that lowers our carbon footprint, our eco-friendly ethos has been at the core of our brand from day one.


Organic Mattress

The following Saatva mattresses use a natural, plant-based thistle flame retardant made of wood pulp bonded with a small amount of polyester:

  • Saatva Classic

  • Loom & Leaf

  • Saatva HD

  • Saatva Youth

  • Memory Foam Hybrid (also contains natural wool as a flame retardant)

The following Saatva mattresses use 100% GOTS certified organic New Zealand wool as a natural flame retardant:

  • Zenhaven Latex

  • Saatva Latex Hybrid

  • Crib Mattress

The following Saatva mattress uses Paladin, which is composed of flame retardant rayon fibers blended with polyester fibers.

  • Solaire Adjustable Air

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