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Personal Training

Ariana Stowe

Ariana Stowe is an aspiring lawyer turned Fulbright scholar turned STEM program manager to full time personal trainer after deciding to leave corporate America and start her own business in January 2019. Her love of fitness comes from her background in playing basketball at BCC for high school and Susquehanna University in college. After quitting sports and gaining 40 pounds, she decided to hire a trainer and fall back in love with fitness again as a lifestyle. Ariana started working with women online with home workout programs and now works 1:1 with clients in NW DC, MD and Northern Virginia with Fitness Stop, LLC. Ariana specializes in helping career driven women to lose belly fat and build sexy curves. You can follow Ariana on social media to see workouts and testimonials @arianastowe.

Running Coach

Anna Shariat

Anna discovered her passion for running over 20 years ago and has since run numerous marathons including the prestigious Boston Marathon several times.  She received her coaching certifications with the Road Runners Club of America and USATF and has helped many runners achieve their goals. Additionally, she is a coach for a local chapter of Girls on the Run and loves inspiring and motivating girls who are new to the sport. She is a wife and mother to three children who all share her love and enthusiasm for staying fit and active.


Anna continues to push her limits completing eight marathons since 2013 and 20 half marathons since 2011. Anna also enjoys participating in 5 and 10K races as well as regularly volunteering for local race duties.  With a secondary passion for nutrition and the understanding the nutrition is a part of being a successful athlete, Anna is expanding her career and is pursuing a license as a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  A constant pursuit of knowledge has given Anna a unique and effective approach to training that integrates functional strength, nutrition, biomechanics, and physiology to produce reliable and sustainable results.


Anna encourages her clients to be open and candid communicators. She believes that encouragement and accountability are paramount to success. Having worked with youth and adults, she can communicate and speak to the science from a basic to complex level.