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Personal Training

Ariana Stowe
Ariana Stowe is an aspiring lawyer turned Fulbright scholar turned STEM program manager to full time personal trainer after deciding to leave corporate America and start her own business in January 2019. Her love of fitness comes from her background in playing basketball at BCC for high school and Susquehanna University in college. After quitting sports and gaining 40 pounds, she decided to hire a trainer and fall back in love with fitness again as a lifestyle. Ariana started working with women online with home workout programs and now works 1:1 with clients in NW DC, MD and Northern Virginia with Fitness Stop, LLC. Ariana specializes in helping career driven women to lose belly fat and build sexy curves. You can follow Ariana on social media to see workouts and testimonials @arianastowe.
When you sign up for our online customized exercise plan, you tell us what your fitness goals are, and we tailor an online plan that helps you meet those goals? Want sexier arms? More defined legs? Want to slim down? Want to bulk up? Gym member? No equipment at all? It’s all good….we’ve got you covered!
With our Customized Exercise Plan, you get…
1) an online program that can be done at your convenience
2) strength-training & cardio exercises tailored to your needs
3) an app that tells you EXACTLY what to do, how much to do, and even provides video demonstrations of each exercise so you can be confident that you’re performing each exercise correctly
4) access to the exclusive Ford Wellness app where workouts are delivered & you can track your progress
5) text access to your online fitness coach via the app throughout the entire process to hold you accountable for success and make sure you’re following your plans and staying on track


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