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Dr. Yan Guo is a highly skilled acupuncturist with a deep understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and its holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes in the natural, safe, and holistic benefits that acupuncture can offer for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals. Acupuncture's primary mechanisms involve unblocking energy channels and regulating the flow of Qi and blood within the body's muscles, bones, and blood vessels. According to ancient Chinese medical texts, disrupted movement in these energy channels can lead to disease, and acupuncture aims to restore balance and harmony.

As a third-generation Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr. Yan Guo combines ancient Chinese medicine philosophy with modern acupuncture techniques. She is trained in various acupuncture styles, including Modern Five Element Acupuncture, Sports Acupuncture (Master Tung's System), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine. Her educational background includes a Master of Science in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Dr. Yan Guo takes a comprehensive approach to patient care, conducting thorough evaluations and creating customized treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs. Her focus extends beyond physical ailments, as she also addresses emotional well-being and stress reduction. Dr. Yan Guo is passionate about helping others and regularly runs a charity acupuncture clinic at a local temple to serve immigrants and underprivileged populations. She is also a devoted Buddhist practitioner who participates in meditation retreats.

Her specialties encompass a wide range of health issues, including acute or chronic pain, fatigue, digestion problems, sleep disorders, post-operative or cancer-related symptoms, women's health, skin conditions, weak immune systems, allergies, and mental health.

Dr. Yan Guo accepts various insurance plans, including Aetna, CareFirst, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, United HealthCare, and American Specialty Health.

The primary application of acupuncture in modern times is pain relief, and it can be effective for conditions such as tension headaches, migraines, backaches, neck and shoulder pain, leg pain, nerve compression, muscle injuries, post-surgery recovery, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, menstrual pain, tennis elbow, toothaches, abdominal pain, arthritis, rheumatic pain, sciatica, and frozen shoulder, among others.

Dr. Yan Guo is dedicated to working in a way that best serves and honors her patients. She has successfully supported individuals dealing with various chronic skin conditions, emotional traumas, spiritual barriers, anxiety, depression, back pain, sleep problems, memory and concentration issues, allergies, infertility, menopausal symptoms, headaches, fatigue, and various other health and wellness challenges.


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