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Cryo Science

Phase 1: REFINE

Entering the cryosauna for 1.5-3 minutes at hyper cooled temperatures activates the body's thermoregulation mechanisms as the cold, though completely tolerable, is interpreted as a survival threat which causes the need to restore balance through vasoconstriction. This is the first step the body takes to protect its core temperature. Blood vessels in the skin and muscle tissues constrict, forcing blood away from the surface and peripheral tissues to the core. 

  • Jump-starts the body's natural filtration system

  • Eliminates toxins and inflammatory properties

Phase 2: Rejuvenate

Vasodilation occurs at the conclusion of the treatment upon exiting the cryosauna as the body reheats itself. Vessels expand up to four (4) times their normal diameter allowing a significant increase in flow of that filtered blood to the skin and extremities, enriching cells with healthy oxygen, nutrients and enzymes at a greater capacity than normal. 

  • Hormones are released as the body's natural morphine creating a sense of euphoria 

  • Muscle tissues begin to warm promoting a wealth of benefits that continue to work after your session.

Phase 3: Recover

Following the treatment, proliferation of the cryo benefits will continue to occur over the next 48 hours providing an optimal condition of reduced pain and shortened recovery time. Cryotherapy enhances the body's ability to better heal itself to promote enhanced performance.  

  • The cold exposure reduces the body's ability to communicate pain signals which after multiple sessions, allows the body to adapt its sustained perception to pain stimuli 

  • Pro-inflammatory cytokines are reduced while anti-inflammatory properties are increased which provokes a powerful anti-inflammatory response

  • Muscle relaxation occurs, energy levels are increased, and the body's overall anti-oxidative status is increased

  • Calories are burnt, comparable to that of an intense workout as a part of the body's reheating mechanism. Reports suggest that 400-800 calories are expended from a single session with multiple sessions leading to a long-term increase in metabolism.  

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