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Nimmo Technique

NIMMOCARE® is non-invasive pain relief treatment that’s based on simple scientific concepts. It offers freedom from the physical, emotional, and financial impact of chronic pain. NIMMOCARE® goes beyond the treatment of symptoms to eliminate the cause of pain, promoting healing and preventing recurrence.

The Problem: A Cycle of Pain

  1. Trauma — Chronic pain can begin with a major injury or small harmful motions repeated over time.

  2. Protective Reaction — To prevent further injury, the body responds with a protective measure. The nervous system sends an impulse to the muscles around the area of injury, causing them to tighten. The muscles that tighten create a network of tension sites called trigger points.

  3. Repetition — These protective impulses are helpful while the injury heals, but the body learns through repetition. The nervous system does not sense healing and continues to send protective impulses, causing unnecessary muscle tension.

  4. Chronic Discomfort — This constant tightening creates a cycle of pain that will remain until the protective impulses are interrupted.

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