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Being Healthy Fit

It is never too late to work on living our best lives. Our lives may vary; however, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones, to do whatever we can to live life well. The question we, as individuals, need to ask ourselves is: “What does living my best life look like?” The answer to this question will vary depending on the individual simply because of focus, perspective, priorities, support, understanding, goals, etc. But we still need to ask the question AND take the time to consider or picture what that looks like before we find ourselves in situations that dictate a quality of life that is contrary to our desires.

Living healthy and fit requires intentional and continuous effort. We do not have the liberty of slacking off or taking a vacation away from doing what is needed to maintain our bodies. I’ve tried it to my own demise. Just as we are intentional about watching our weekly shows or faithful in prepping and maintaining our nails, hair, beards, etc., we need to be as committed to being healthy fit. I say, “Healthy Fit” because being fit and being healthy are not the same thing. A person can look physically fit (on the outside); however, be emotionally and mentally unfit internally. A person can look physically fit, but it is a result of genetics. A person can look physically fit, but health-wise can be very unhealthy. Therefore, being healthy fit should be something we all aspire to become because it speaks to overall balance which is necessary for overall wellness AND us living our best lives.

As a personal trainer and life coach it is my mission to help educate, demonstrate, and facilitate opportunities for others to enjoy living their best lives. And it has been my experience that people are healthier on the inside and more fit on the outside when they are intentional and committed to doing whatever it takes. Today is a good day to start living your best life. END

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